Easy Grip Foam Boxes

"Easy Grip" foam has been developed with especially designed slots that allow you to slide flies, bend first, into place without crushing or bending the delicate hackles of the fly. Two slot spacings are available, standard for trout and streamer for salmon / seatrout and larger reservoir sized flies.


  • 3" Box takes 96 flies
  • 3" Box with Swing Leaf takes 204 flies
  • 4" Box takes 214 flies
  • 4" Box with Swing Leaf takes 420 flies
  • 6" Box takes 272 flies
  • 6" Box with Swing Leaf takes 540 flies
  • 6" Extra Deep Box with Streamer Foam takes 96 flies
  • Replacement foam pads are also available ready cut to fit our boxes. See 'replacements' in the product range.

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