Which Foam to Choose

Buyers Guide To Foam in Fly Boxes


We use a large variety of foams to provide our customers with the maximum choice. Our foam is made in the U.K. as this gives much better performance over imported foam.


Castle Foam


Great all-purpose foam that suits dry flies, spiders, wets and nymphs. Exceedingly small nymphs can be accommodated either side of the foam. Available to fit a 6" box, in black or white. 


Castle Foam in a Fly Box


Flat Foam


General purpose foams can be used for most flies, but is less good for hackled and larger spider flies. A huge number of flies can be accommodated in a box, available for all our Richard Wheatley boxes.




       Flat Foam in Richard Wheatley Fly Box



Ripple Foam


1. 6" Low profile good for hackled and spider flies as the hook is supported leaving the hackle free. Also suitable for nymphs, wets and lures or streamer flies. Suitable for small and mid sized flies.


2. 10" High profile ripple foam with a high profile is good for large, dressed or salmon flies. Needs to be in a 1.5-inch box. Not as suitable for smaller flies.


   Ripple Foam in a Richard Wheatley Fly Box


Slotted Foam


For small nymph and wet flies, can use both sides of the slot so the box holds plenty. Larger flies use just one side.


Slotted Foam in a Fly Box


Easy Slot Foam


Holds flies upright in lines. Better for smaller flies. The hook is held on the bend.


Easy Slot Foam in a Wheatley Fly Box


Easy Grip Foam

1. Standard - Good for holding flies upright with more space between them. Can be used with both smaller and medium-sized flies.


2. Streamer - Holds flies upright with more spaces between them. Designed for large flies.




   Easy Grip Foam in Richard Wheatley Fly Box