About Us

The Great British Fly Box Company Manufactures & Sells Richard Wheatley Fishing Tackle & Fly Boxes
The Traditions
12 years ago it all began with the beginning of a collection of products made by, and the history relating to the Richard Wheatley the fishing tackle and fancies Company. This soon became a website to inform other collectors about the iconic Companies historic products. This eventually led to an introduction to the people who ran the Company and as the collection increased answering questions on early products and history on behalf of the Company.
The Company sadly went into liquidation at the start of 2013, and to prevent this iconic brand disappearing it was added to the collection.
Starting a business is notoriously difficult but re starting business that has been trading since 1860 is quite a challenge. The determination to maintain the ethos of the founder Richard Wheatley led the search to find the same right components, and the right people with the right skills to continue this iconic brand. It was a race to prevent the art of making traditional fishing fly boxes from vanishing from the U.K.
The workshop was moved from the English Midlands to Ilminster in Somerset in the South West of the England. We have expanded our space twice in recent years and have just moved to a new larger location in Derbyshire.
Jack Taylor
The biggest new development for us has been starting a brand aimed at the coarse fishing market. Starting with the humble carp “Zig Box” we are now offering aspirational top of the range hand made Acrylic boxes for the storage of pike or saltwater flies or spinners. We hope to expand the range of items offered under the Jack Taylor brand building them to a quality level and not a price point and already have a new pike/saltwater fly wallet in development.
Pictorial Boxes
Limited edition boxes are produced every year. They are made for about 15 months, normally introduced in October ready for Christmas and sold throughout the following year. This ensures that there is always a new box for the collector, fisherman or gift buyer.
The People
Clive Edwards, a fly fisherman is responsible for making the boxes, invoicing and dispatching the products around the U.K., Europe and beyond. Developing new products, Tweets and Facebook posts. It was his collection that started the whole thing.
Wendy Hawkins is responsible for the accounts, website and marketing. She ensures that people get paid, and we collect what we are owed. One of her vital tasks is to represent none fishing gift buyer and ensure that our website and products appeal.
Mark Woof continues his long association with the Company acting as consultant and stepping in whenever necessary, helping in all areas.
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