Our History - From 1860 to the Present Day

In 1860 Richard Wheatley set a standard of craftsmanship that was maintained by his sons, grandsons and is how we still work today.

The Richard Wheatley Fly Box is known and is highly prized by fishermen throughout the world.

Approximate timeline:

Richard Wheatley was born in 1827.
Working for a button maker he became a pocket and fly book maker apprentice in 1844.


Richard Wheatley started his own business in 1860 making fishing pocketbooks out of leather,
with numerous pockets and parchment dividers.


In the 1880's Richard's eldest son joined the business as a partner and that year the first fly clip was developed to hold eyed flies.


In 1890 the first tin boxes were produced commercially by the Richard Wheatley firm.
Around 1900 aluminium was first introduced.
Richard Wheatley was one of the first English manufactures to use this new material and a special satin finish was developed,
this is still used today.


In 1908 the first aluminium compartment box was made.
It developed to incorporate a transparent lid and a spring latch like the famous compartment boxes we make today.


2021 Richard Wheatley famous compartment and aluminium fly boxes are made just as they have always been for over a hundred years,
we now operate from our Derbyshire workshop,
so if there is a particular combination that you would like and cannot see it on the website
just make contact and we will try our hardest to meet your needs.


Finally, we have just finished an up-to-date brochure and retail price list, which you will find a flip book version by clicking here.

Email; sales@richardwheatley.co.uk

Workshop Tel 01246 792019