Richard Wheatley Ltd has partnered with the Wild Carp Trust and will donate 20% of the value of all boxes purchase to the WCT UK Conservation Charity.

About The Wild Carp Trust

The oldest strains of carp may have existed for centuries on their own but, in the current climate of predation, poor water quality, fashion for king carp, and angling trends that favour ‘biggest is best’, they face their toughest-ever challenge for survival.

As a dedicated entity with clear purpose, the Wild Carp Trust champions and fights for the protection of the oldest strains of carp, they educate others about the importance of these fish, and, most importantly, do everything they can to help the few remaining strains of medieval carp.

The Wild Carp Trust is funded principally by donations. The bulk of this money goes to their conservation work, protecting and securing fish in the wild, feeding and housing the young carp in their rearing facility and looking after the adult fish in their conservation pools. The remainder goes into their research programme that studies the growth rates and habits of these fish and reports on broader conservation work, and to their campaigns that generate public awareness and support for wild and feral carp.

You can find out more about the Wild Carp Trust at