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More Boxes in Stock

Spent all day today making fly boxes. So that we can hold more finished goods stock ensuring that our web customers who choose not to having engraving will get there boxes quickly.

Fox Fly Box photo

Here is a butterfly that I found on the Fox Fly Boxes this afternoon. Running a competition on Twitter and Facebook to win a Fox Fly Box with a cation. Winner will be chosen for cations added by Christmas day.

Fox Fly Box

We are really excited because we now have a supply of Fox Fly Boxes follow our take over of Fox Tackle Products. These wonderful little boxes are available with the original fly gripping design or with English flat foam. Black is in stock, Green will be here soon and more colours will follow.

Fly Selection Boxes

Spent the morning making Malvern Fly Selections. These are really nice if you know someone just starting fly fishing. Two sizes 3 inch and 6 inch with a selection of flies for salmon, still water, river or coarse and carp fishing. here is the 3 inch river selection.

Our collection

We started collecting Richard Wheatley boxes over 10 years ago and now have over 1000 items varying from wooden and aluminium boxes, fly books or wallets, printing blocks and items of ephemera. These span the complete time that Richard Wheatley has been in existence. I have simple leather covered card boxes from the 1860s up to prototypes and example of the boxes that we are making today. Richard Wheatley started as a leather worker making wallets and purses (as well as the occasional fly book.) The term fly wallet didn't exist in Richard Wheatley catalogue until the 1950s. Originally the Company produced equipment for all types of fishing although from the late 1960's onwards, it gained a reputation and concentrated on producing game fishing equipment 

Here is a 1960 box which was intended for spinners. Here it is with quill minnows

For those who like vintage tackle we regularly post pictures of items from our collection on our Facebook page

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Richard-Wheatley/217290585077273 or on our Twitter feed @1609Clive



November 10, 2014


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Rockborne Trout Fishery

Good to be back doing business with Rockborne Trout Fishery for the first time since we took over Richard Wheatley.  The new owners seem to be getting the fishery back to it's glory days.  In my twenties and thirties Fordingbridge was one of my favourite places. Haven't been there for very many years doubt if I would recognise it now. Wish you all the best.