10% End of Season Discount - One week to go!!

Website update

We have now passed the 1100 website orders and have despatched to 25 countries. This is about 1/8th of the world. I wonder how many more we can do before the year end.



Vintage Salmon Fly Box

We have sent a number of our vintage salmon fly boxes out today. These were made as a limited edition box and therefore only made during 2014. The date is hidden in the design. There aren't many left now and they are sure to become collectors items. 

Magnetic Rod Carriers

We have made a number of these today so they are available again. They only work on vehicles that are made of steel. They will carry up to 3 rods but are not intended for long distance transport or travel at high speeds.

More Boxes in Stock

Spent all day today making fly boxes. So that we can hold more finished goods stock ensuring that our web customers who choose not to having engraving will get there boxes quickly.

Richard Wheatley Fly Boxes

You can buy your Richard Wheatley Fly Box, Fox Fly Box or Jack Taylor boxes from retailers around the world. If they haven't got what you want, then ask them to order it. These boxes when they are completed are going to  Hebeisen in Switzerland (http://www.hebeisen.ch)


Fox Fly Box

We are really excited because we now have a supply of Fox Fly Boxes follow our take over of Fox Tackle Products. These wonderful little boxes are available with the original fly gripping design or with English flat foam. Black is in stock, Green will be here soon and more colours will follow.

Eat Sleep Fish

It doesn't seem a month ago that I posted about the above. A fantastic free read for fisherman http://eat-sleep-fish.co.uk/  give it ago.