Delay in posting

Monday the 25th is a bank (public) holiday in the U.K. However we will not be dispatching goods until friday 29th May 2015. If you order between the 21st and 28th May you can choose a small gift as compensation for waiting an extra couple of day. You can choose from the following fisherman's tools

37004 Fixed tippet holder, 37006 a bottle holder, 37007 Floatant or sinking holder, 37008 double floatant holder, 37009 zinger, 37010 magnetic net holder or 37020 Line nippers.

Add the code of your gift to the additional details and we will send it with your order on Friday 29th. You will be able to contact us only on our 07474 123 964 telephone number

Clive Edwards
Clive Edwards


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